Have you ever felt the overwhelming task of leading a growing church while maintaining a healthy balance in your personal and family life? You're not alone. In the latest l episode of the Believe Again podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Josh and Kara Joines, pastors and leadership coaches who’ve navigated these very challenges.

Josh and Kara bring a wealth of experience from their journey at Faith Family Church in Baytown, Texas. They’ve grown their church to over 5,000 members while also co-leading Cadency Coaching, a program aimed at helping pastors find a healthy rhythm in life and leadership.

Key takeaways from our discussion include:

Intentionality in Leadership: It's not about doing more but about limiting oneself to thrive. Effective leaders know when to say no, managing their energy rather than time.

The Importance of Self-Leadership: Leading oneself is crucial for leading others. Self-leadership involves intentional scheduling and prioritizing to be the best in your roles.

The Power of a Supportive Spouse: The importance of having a supportive partner in ministry cannot be overvalued. Ministry comes with significant stress and challenges. It is vital to continue to express how much you believe in each other despite what takes place around you.

Enjoying the Journey: Reflecting on their path, Josh and Kara emphasize the importance of gratitude and enjoying each step of the ministry journey. It is easy to focus on accomplishing more, you do not want to look back and wish you would have taken more time to enjoy the journey.

Prioritizing Health and Relationships: Keeping one’s marriage strong and maintaining personal well-being are key to sustainable ministry leadership. Having hobby's and prioritizing your health and fitness does not take time away from ministry. It ensures you will be able to stick with it for the long haul.

The Joines’ story is a testament to the power of faith, leadership, and balance. Their approach to ministry provides practical and spiritual guidance for pastors navigating the complexities of church growth and personal well-being.

For more in-depth insights and practical tips from Josh and Kara Joines, I encourage you to listen to the full episode of the Believe Again podcast or watch it on YouTube. Their story is not just inspiring but a roadmap for anyone in ministry seeking to elevate their leadership while maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Until next time, keep believing and leading strong.


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