With Talaat McNeely

You were made for more than just paying bills. In the latest episode of the Believe Again Podcast Powered by Parable, I sat down with Talaat McKneely, a church planter, pastor of Purpose Church in Chicago, and financial coach. His story will inspire those who've been bogged down with financial burdens. 

From Debt to Deliverance

Talaat's financial struggle nearly ruined his engagement. Leaving home at 17, he lacked financial literacy. Motivated by a childhood desire to make up for the things he couldn't have as a child, he accumulated over $30,000 in consumer debt. No properties or student loans – just materialistic purchases (those Jordans are always so tempting!). When he tried to hide this debt from his fiancée, Tai (who was debt-free and had a finance background), it almost cost them their relationship.

However, love triumphed. Within a year of their marriage, they cleared all the consumer debt Talaat had accumulated. But they didn't stop there. They set an ambitious goal: to pay off their home mortgage in just five years. And they did.

This journey led to The His and Her Money Show, an initiative to help others achieve what they did – a life free from debt that has gained over 240,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The Bigger Message

Our chat emphasized the undeniable connection between money and personal relationships. If pastors and church planters, who primarily aim to serve people, constantly worry about finances, it hurts their ministry's effectiveness. Money problems can strain relationships and blur our focus on other goals.

Talaat shares that the Bible offers wisdom on stewardship and money management. For leaders, it's essential to get our house in order first to lead others effectively. If a leader's finances are in chaos, how can they guide their congregation on the same topic?

Conclusion & Call to Action

Talaat's journey from financial despair to freedom is a testament to sound financial choices and putting God first in every area -even your money. His story underlines the need for financial literacy, honesty in relationships, and having faith that God will help you achieve your financial goals.

If you want to hear more about Talaat's story, strategies, and tips for achieving financial freedom, tune into this episode of the Believe Again Podcast. It's not just about money; it's about changing lives, making dreams come true, and leading by example.

Let's believe again in the power of wise financial decisions and the life-changing freedom they can bring.

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