With Bob Hamp

The Illusion of Freedom - A Conversation with Bob Hamp

Have you ever wondered what true freedom looks like? In a recent episode of the Believe Again podcast, I had the opportunity to discuss what it means to truly embrace freedom with therapist and author Bob Hamp.

A New Definition of Freedom

Bob offers a unique perspective on freedom, contrasting with conventional views. He says, "Freedom is when you can become the person you're created and redeemed to be." This profound statement redirects our understanding of freedom from external liberation to an internal transformation.

The Prisoner Mentality

A critical concept that Bob elaborates on is the "prisoner mentality." He describes it as the mindset of defining freedom solely as the absence of constraints, limitations, or challenges. Bob explains, "A prisoner's perspective is, I want out from behind these bars. I want away from this prison food. I want away from the guards, and I want away from the rules." According to Bob, this mentality falls short because it defines freedom by what we move away from rather than moving toward.

Bob argues that this prisoner mentality fails to capture the essence of true freedom. In his view, real freedom involves more than escaping unfavorable circumstances. It's about stepping into a new identity and destiny. It's about living from a place of deep connection with God rather than merely avoiding negative experiences or circumstances.

Freedom for Leadership and Ministry

Bob's teachings have significant implications for leaders and pastors. He emphasizes the importance of guiding people not just to overcome problems but to realize their identity and destiny in Christ. This approach shifts the focus from finding our happiness in not having troubles, something that will never truly exist, to empowering individuals to live out their God-given purpose.

Final Thoughts

As our conversation drew to a close, Bob left us with a thought-provoking statement: "Freedom is easy... it's something we receive." This idea serves as a reminder that true freedom is not about striving or achieving but receiving and stepping into the identity and life God has planned for us.

I encourage you to check out the full episode of the Believe Again podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform. We do not just talk about freedom but on what it means to make disciples and the impact of changing the way we think, not just what we think can impact our human experience.

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